Our Latest Issue

Cvr_Summer 20.inddThe double Summer/Fall 2020 issue of Fossil News: The Journal of Avocational Paleontology is now available, featuring 100 pages of:

  • New work by master PaleoArtist Esther van Hulsen
  • A look at the 500 Women Scientists organization
  • Devil’s Toenails, Bulls’ Hearts, Horses’ Heads, and Thunderbolts: the Folklore of Fossil Molluscs
  • An essay about why the conversation about fossil selling needs to start over from scratch
  • Cannibal the Animal”—the sculpting of the giant worm, Websteroprion
  • Finding evidence for an Ordovician mass extinction at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
  • Political Pangea: A modern map of an ancient supercontinent
  • Book reviews, Check Your Paleo-IQ, and more

Single copies of the Summer/Fall 2020 issue are only $25 ppd (domestic). See our “Back Issues” page for more info!

** Cover image: “Titanoboa surfacing from the muddy waters of a swamp to grab a crocodilian snack.” © Esther van Hulsen; used by permission.