Our Latest Issue

Cvr_Sum19.inddCover: The Summer 2019 issue includes paleoart by Las Vegas-based artist Jimi Catanzaro; an exclusive translated excerpt of Enrico (Trilobites: The Back to the Museum Guide) Bonino’s new book, Cambrian Shores: Jellyfish and Algal Mats; a visit (with lavish illustrations!) to the “Hall of Palms” at the Museum of Geology and Paleontology in Padua, Italy; more on that ammonite in amber that you’ve heard so much about (by David Cordie); a first look at the first discovery of pterosaurs in Cuba; summer books; and more.

Copertina2_SMSpecial book excerpt:
Cambrian Shores: Jellyfish and Algal Mats
by Enrico Bonino.

Copies of the Summer 2019 issue are only $15 ppd (domestic). See our “Back Issues” page for more info!