Summer/Fall 2021

The Summer/Fall 2021 double issue of Fossil News: The Journal of Avocational Paleontology is now available.

The Summer/Fall 2021 issue is packed! We start with a special “PaleoBooks” section with reviews and excerpts of eleven new books of interest to fossil fans from the youngest to those … nearest extinction. Fossil News then introduces readers to the “Patron Saint of Pareidolia,” Chonosuke Okamura, and takes on a controversial topic with a vividly illustrated essay, “The Toxic Masculinity of Dinosaur Art.” There’s a paleonews roundup, a feature on prehistoric creatures featured on international postage stamps, a description of Germany’s famous Posidonia Shale, and an “in process” column by veteran paleoartist Esther van Hulsen, who, in this issue tells how she brought Darwinius masillae to life.

See the complete Table of Contents below!

Single copies of the Summer/Fall 2021 double issue are only $25 ppd (domestic). See our “Back Issues” page for more info!