Summer/Fall 2020

The Summer/Fall 2020 double issue spotlights new paleoart by Norwegian artist Esther van Hulsen (cover) along with these great features:

  • The Folklore of Fossil Molluscs: Fanciful stories and legends about the origins and significance of “difficult fossils” in the the early history of paleontology
  • “Cannibal the Animal” — the making of a larger-than-life-sized, leather-clad, heavy-metal model of the newly discovered annelid worm, Websteroprion
  • A reflection on evidence for an Ordovician mass extinction in trilobite fossils at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Oklahoma
  • 500 Women Scientists — Making inclusiveness in STEMM a reality
  • “Don’t Fed on Me: What the AAPS keeps getting wrong … and why the conversation about fossil commerce needs to start over again from scratch,” a thoughtful, in-depth essay about what commercial fossil collecting does—and doesn’t—contribute to paleontology
  • Book reviews, Check your Paleo-IQ, and more.

Single copies of the Summer/Fall 2020 issue are only $25 ppd (domestic). See our “Back Issues” page for more info!