Summer 2019

Cvr_Sum19.inddThe Summer 2019 issue includes national and international news from the world of vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology, advice for amateur and para-professional fossil collectors, updates on important issues in paleontology, paleoart & photography, original book reviews, and much more, including:

— Art by Featured PaleoArtist: Jimi Catanzaro

— Padua’s Hall of Palms: A Voyage Through Italy’s Ancient Tropical Forests

— An exclusive excerpt from the new book, Cambrian Shores: Jellyfish and Algal Mats

— Recent papers in Paleontology: An Ammonite Trapped in Burmese Amber

— and new books for summer reading!

Single copies of the Summer 2019 issue are only $15 ppd (domestic). For ordering info, see the bottom of the main “Back Issues” page.

**Cover: Dilophosaurus, an Early Jurassic dinosaur (the “two-crested lizard”) first discovered in Arizona in 1940. Dilophosaurus was one of the earliest large predatory dinosaurs, and its fingers and toes bore impressive claws. © Jimi Catanzaro; used by permission.