How to Subscribe to Fossil News

Here’s just a little of the praise Fossil News has received so far :

“Thank you for a great Issue. Wonderful topics and beautiful photos and drawings. I’m happy and keep up the good work.” | “Your first issue of Fossil News just arrived and it is beautifully done! Your choice of articles was well thought out…. This would look perfect sitting on magazine racks in libraries and bookstores. I suspect this will be a big success. | “Yesterday’s mail delivery included my very own first issue of Fossil News. Wow! I’m very impressed and pleased with your publication.”

Subscriptions to Fossil News (delivered to U.S. addresses) are $50 USD for four quarterly issues.

We accept PayPal ( and Venmo (@FourCatsPress). [Venmo is a handy app for your phone that allows you to pay directly from your bank account or with a credit or debit card.] 

If your bank is equipped for Zelle transfers (most large banks already are), we can also accept payments

All payments must be in U.S. funds.

In some cases, we can accept personal checks drawn on U.S. banks; please contact us for details.

Please note: Foreign postage is not included in the subscription fee; please contact us at for a quote.

Back issues are available of all our issues for $16 postpaid (domestic only). Contact us at

How to Subscribe

      • PayPal: Sign in to your PayPal account and direct your payment to

    Or click here to go directly to PayPal: Buy now with PayPal

  • Venmo: Sign in to your Venmo account and direct your payment to @FourCatsPress.
  • Zelle: Sign in to your Zelle-enabled account through your bank’s site or app and direct your payment to
  • Be sure to use the memo or message area to tell us
    • the issue you’d like to begin with (Winter/Dec, Spring/Mar, Summer/Jun, Fall/Sep)
    • your mailing address, email address, and a phone number
    • any additional information we need to know (name of the recipient for gift subscriptions, etc.)

We’ll send you email confirmation of your subscription.

Special Offers

Sorry,  but offers cannot be combined.

      1. Fossil News makes a great gift! If you order a subscription and, in the same order, also request one or more gift subscriptions, take $6 off the cost of each additional subscription. (Be sure to provide all recipients’ addresses.) For example, if you order a subscription for you and a friend at the same time, the cost would be $50 for the first subscription and $44 for the second, for a total of $94. 
      2. Annual subscribers to Fossil News receive a 10% discount on display advertising for up to four consecutive issues. (See our Display Advertising: Rate Sheet and Specifications for additional information.)
      3. Contributors to Fossil News can purchase a subscription for themselves or as a gift at 50% off the regular price.


We’re here! Just drop Fossil News a line at

Changes of Address

If your address changes, please let us know immediately at 

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for and cannot offer replacements or refunds for issues that are lost or undeliverable because of out-of-date address information.

Don’t miss an issue of Fossil News: The Journal of Avocational Paleontology!


    1. Hello, Shirley.

      As far as I know, most debit cards are set up to be used as credit cards and so, with PayPal or with Venmo, as long as the card is linked to your account, there should be no problem. Your bank, if it is one of the major chains, is almost certainly equipped with Zelle, which allows you to send money electronically from your account to another. All the ways to identify us on PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle are on our website.

      If none of those work for you, I would be willing to take a check, as long as it is a personal check drawn on a US Bank. Typically, we hold them for at least three weeks before sending any issues, but we have several people who subscribe that way.




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